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PTW-1 Permit to Work for Worksite Supervisors

The course prepares participants as competent BSP PTW Worksite Supervisors (WSS) by providing knowledge of the PTW system and practical experience of the management of hazards and the operation of the system.

Participants will be able to:

  • Describe the purpose of Permit to Work System
  • Define types of Permit
  • Follow the stages (Life Cycle) of the PTW System
  • Understand the training & Appointment
  • Promote Hazard Management and Restriction on Hot Work
  • Describe elements of a Permit to Work System
  • Understand how PTW Certificates & Supporting Documents, including the Hazards Check List (HCL) aid to worksite preparation
  • Discussion the requirement of HIP, TBT Form, and 3W’s
  • Understand the audit Objectives and Levels of Auditing
  • Use of the Permit Rack
  • Describe responsibilities of all permit users including WSS, AS, AA, AGT, PTW Auditor and PIP Coordinator.
Location and Duration
The duration of the course is 2-days. The course is delivered at Megamas Training Company Sdn. Bhd., in Mumong/Kuala Balai, Kuala Belait.
BSP PTW Managing Hazards (PTW - 2)
3 years
Medical Required
Maximum number 12
Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sendirian Berhad Approved

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